Phimosis Stretching

Phimosis Stretching

When it comes to Phimosis stretching – Science has made things simple.  The foreskin stretches like all other skin. The use of gentle regular and even pressure across the whole circumference will lead to the optimal phimosis stretching.

We know that skin cells are joined together by “tight junctions” between the skin cells and that skin cells adhere to one another at these tight junctions. When skins cells are damaged or stressed, inflammation occurs that usually causes skin cells to tighten further. Skin cells can be damaged or traumatised by skin retractors, stretching too hard or too fast, and even bruising from physical activity.

phimosis stretching

phimosis stretching – how does skin stretch


Skins cells that are not stressed or damaged, can have a load pressed across a wide spectrum of cells and these cells will slowly grow in number. This only occurs when there is no inflammation. This works by the loosening of the tight junctions between the skin cells  and new skins cells growing or proliferating between these existing cells.



Insertion of the NOVOGLAN Balloon (blue area) stimulates the growth of new skin cells and increases the circumference of the foreskin, allowing it to retract properly. You can see in this illustration that the total number of skin cells increases.

To learn more about Phimosis Stretching and how to use the Novoglan Gentle Phimosis Stretching Tool.


Phimosis Stretching from Novoglan

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