Confused about phimosis? It’s not surprising given all the information online. The Novoglan online store sells Phimosis Stretching kit and cream at and they have an excellent dictionary. However, if you were to run a search for “phimosis” ¬†on Google or Bing you get the following highlighted alternatives just as a starting point:

Phimosis Treatment

Phimosis Treatment

  • phimosis in adults (usually means occurring in men over the age of 15 years)
  • phimosis stretching exercises (usually means the act of sliding the foreskin back and forth over the glans through the full range of normal motion – sometimes with a balloon device to assist and or with a steroid or stretching cream)
  • phimosis in children (usually means occurring in males under the age of 15 years)
  • phimosis home treatment (usually means approved treatments such as the Novoglan balloon stretching device as used in the home and does not require a nurse or doctor to administer)
  • frenulum breve (usually refers to the condition where the frenulum is to short and prevents the foreskin from moving through a normal range of motion)
  • phimosis stretching (usually means the act of sliding the foreskin back and forth over the glans through the full range of normal motion – sometimes with a balloon device to assist and or with a steroid or stretching cream)
  • circumcision phimosis (usually refers to the use of irreversible operation to amputate the foreskin – now considered radical and a last resort by most health authorities)
  • phimosis treatment (usually refers to stretching of the foreskin either manually or with a balloon bases stretching device with or without a steroid or foreskin stretching cream
phimosis easily cured with a novoglan balloon gentle foreskin stretcher

treat your tight foreskin with the novoglan gentle foreskin stretcher

These are just a few of the hundred or so options you could try when searching for credible, accurate and reliable information on phimosis. We have had three medical scientists with PhD from reputable first class universities review reliable internet based information and break the information down into the key points you need to know. When it comes to the basics our scientists have made it very easy to cut through the bulk of information so you can focus on absorbing accurate and reliable information about phimosis to assist you in progressing to your desired outcome.

So what do you need to know about phimosis?

There is a debate about the definition of phimosis in the medical community. In the lay world it is pretty well accepted that phimosis refers to a tight foreskin that does not allow the user to retract the foreskin fully in all circumstances and without pain or risk of paraphimosis (where the foreskin gets stuck around the shaft of the penis and can cause dangerous interference with the flow of blood and lymphatic system leading to a potential medical emergency).

Most, but not all, phimosis is uncomplicated and can be relieved by gentle foreskin stretching. Some phimosis is caused by infection or severe inflammation of the glans (head of penis) and foreskin. If you have an inflammation, soreness, bleeding, puss, itch or an unusual smell (not experienced previously) that last for more than a few days, you should seek medical assessment to rule out several things including:

  • diabetes
  • psoriasis
  • balanitis
  • cancer
  • sexually transmitted diseases (ranging from thrush to HIV and Hepatitis C)
  • a range of other medical conditions

However, if you have had an assessment by a doctor and or if your foreskin is just tight without other signs or symptoms then you most likely have good old fashion vanilla type phimosis. The great thing about uncomplicated phimosis is that is pretty easy to fix if you are prepared to work for a few weeks. All good things take a little time, but no too long…

So how do I fix, cure, or relieve my phimosis?

The answer is simple – you stretch your foreskin gently, regularly, evenly, every day for a few weeks. You can do this with just manual stretching of the foreskin, or with the aid of a balloon device at home, and also with a steroid cream or stretching cream.

So let’s break these down into some pretty basic steps:

manual stretching (with or without steroid):

surveys has shown that around 40% of men with a tight foreskin will get relief simply by regular manual stretching, that is by sliding the foreskin back and forth through the full range of normal motion. This should be done when flaccid and when erect. When a steroid such as betamethasone in added then you get results of around 65% of men getting good relief. The website has a good overview of this technique.

Stretching with a balloon foreskin stretcher:

balloon based stretching is often used in medical processes to stretch things, including skin. When manual stretching is not providing the relief required the use of a small specifically shaped balloon attached to a device head and plunger will provide the extra stretch needed to overcome the tightness. Balloon stretching when used with manual stretching has been shown to have a relief rate of around 85 to 95% effectiveness and is done in the privacy of your own home. When a steroid or stretching cream with anti-inflammatory properties is used, user surveyed report a 95 – 99% satisfaction rate for stretching the foreskin. The website has details of such a device.

So, what is recommended is that you first try to manually stretch your foreskin for a couple of weeks, ideally with betamethasone cream or a foreskin stretching cream. If you don’t get the results you want then you should use a balloon gentle foreskin stretcher device.

The most important things to remember about successful foreskin stretching is this:

  • be gentle
  • do not cut or tear your foreskin using sharp implement
  • stretch every day, ideally twice a day for at least 15 minutes each
  • use even pressure across the foreskin
  • use a steroid cream or foreskin stretching cream
  • stretch for at least two weeks and ideally three to four weeks to get long term results

Avoid circumcision as best you can, as the loss of your foreskin may deprive you of sexual sensation and can cause scarring and permanent red patches that look similar to sexually transmitted diseases. These things may not harm you but will be off-putting to a partner who is unsure of what the marks are and you do not want to be explaining yourself all the time…

Good luck!

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Phimosis Treatment For Adults - Cure Tight Foreskin at Home with NOVOGLAN

Phimosis Treatment For Adults – Cure Tight Foreskin at Home with NOVOGLAN

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