Adult Phimosis Treatment

Adult Phimosis Treatment at Home  with NOVOGLAN, the worlds only medical device approved by health regulators to treat Phimosis at home.  NOVOGLAN is an Australian made medical device that uses proven skin stretching techniques that are both gentle and effective.

It is important that you understand why gentle foreskin stretching is the key to successful phimosis treatment. No nasty steel retractors or rings, just good old fashion gentle, regular, evenly distributed pressure every day for a couple of weeks and your phimosis will be gone. It is true that some men will need longer than two weeks, but if they use more anti-inflammatory cream then it will work a little faster. The key is to stretch gently every day for as long as comfortable.

Take a look at the NOVOGLAN site hosted by Platigo Solutions to see how skin stretches and how you can safely and effectively treat you phimosis at home – click here to learn more

Phimosis Treatment with Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher

Phimosis Treatment Novoglan

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